City Glass specialises in all your glass needs from small residential repairs all the way up to and including huge commercial construction jobs.

Construction and Building Services

All our windows and doors are cut to the highest quality standards and crafted to your specifications, be it a shop front, or a high-end residential building.


We always have something that will suit your needs, including:

  • Stacker / Sliding doors
  • Bi-Fold doors
  • Commercial windows
  • Hinged doors
  • Automatic doors
  • Sliding doors (top hung and bottom rolling)

Security Screens

We provide a number of different security screen, or fly screen, options.

  • Ultra Mesh Fly Screen
    • This is the most common form of fly screen used and has a PVC coating around a fibreglass core. All Diamond Grille doors come with this as standard (though it can be upgraded as required).
  • Pet Mesh Fly Screen
    • Pet Mesh Fly Screens are similar to the Ultra Mesh Fly Screens in that they are a fibreglass core coated with PVC, but the fibreglass is stronger, making this mesh ideal for heavier usage, especially for pets who like to climb them.
  • 316-Grade Stainless Steel Screens
    • With a PVC coating over a stainless steel core, this is the strongest mesh available. It is non-flammable and compliant up to a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of 40, making it a must in bushfire-prone areas to help protect your property. It is also compliant with the KidScreen Window Fall Prevention (KWFP) system, which was designed to withstand at least 250N of outward force. This is often a requirement in many new builds. Please contact us for more information.


Glass splashbacks can add a level of class and sophistication to your kitchen. With the use of low iron glass, you can choose any colour you desire from our own samples or by supplying a paint swatch. Or we can install a mirror splashback.

Cut to Size Windows and Doors

It’s no worries if your windows or doors are not a standard size; all our windows and doors are custom cut to match your specifications.

Servicing and Repairs

If your window or door starts to stick or is otherwise not working as it should, give us a call and we investigate and repair the problem. We can order in any parts required and have the issue resolved as soon as possible.


We don’t just do exteriors and new constructions, we also update your interior Glass, including mirrors and bathrooms.


Create a custom wardrobe or update an existing one to a more modern look by installing a new wardrobe door. We provide both vinyl and mirrored robe doors.


A new shower screen can completely change the way a bathroom looks.

  • Fully Framed Systems This is the basic shower screen with a frame around the outside. The frame comes in a standard colour range to suit your needs and colour pallet.
  • Semi Framed Systems This is similar to the fully framed system but the frame is significantly slimmer.
  • Frameless Systems The most modern look of all shower screens, this option has no framing around it at all but is instead held in place using clamps and fittings where the glass panel meets the floor and wall.

Table Tops

Glass for table tops can come in 6mm width glass shaded either a clear, grey, or bronze colour to cover and protect any wooden tables or furniture as you desire. We can also offer thicker glass table tops with no support from 8-12mm. These can be cut into any shape you wish.

7 days a week Callout

We are your go to company for any sort of broken glass or sliding door or window repairs that need to be fixed immediately. We offer a, 7 day a week service. While we are based in Brisbane CBD we are happy to service the entire Brisbane area.